Dancing Transnational Feminisms: Ananya Dance Theatre and the Art of Social Justice (University of Washington Press 2021), edited by Ananya Chatterjea, Hui Niu Wilcox, and Alessandra Lebea Williams. “Drawing from more than fifteen years of collaborative dance-making and sustained dialogues based on deep alliances across communities of color, Dancing Transnational Feminisms offers a multigenre exploration of how dance can be intersectionally reimagined as practice, methodology, and metaphor for feminist solidarity. Blending essays with stories, interviews, and poems, this collection explores timely questions surrounding race and performance, gender and sexuality, art and politics, global and local inequities, and the responsibilities of artists toward their communities.”
“A Radical Practice of Inclusion: Choreographing Race and Gender with Ananya Dance Theatre” (TDR 66, no. 1, March 2022). Ananya Dance Theatre directs our present‐day concern for racial and gender diversity toward a radical practice. Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea includes white and mixed-race women as well as black male‐presenting artists in her dances that place the global, social justice stories of black and brown women and femmes at their center.
Alessandra’s essay on choreographer David Roussève/REALITY dance company was included in this edition of the “Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies” publication, co-edited by Thomas DeFrantz and Takiyah Nur Amin.