ALESSANDRA WILLIAMS has taught dance and gender studies courses at UCLA and Carleton College. As a Eugene V. Cota Robles Fellow, she earned her Ph.D. in Culture and Performance at UCLA. Originally from Minneapolis, she completed her B.A. in American Studies and Dance at Macalester College and upon graduation, her community organizing earned her the Grassroots Solutions Organizer of the Year Award. She has performed with Ananya Dance Theatre in Pipaashaa (2007), Ashesh Barsha (2009), Moreechika (2012), Roktim (2014), Horidraa (2015), and Shyamali (2016). She has published essays for the Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies series (Volume XXXVI), the UCLA Center for the Study of Women Newsletter, and with co-editors Drs. Ananya Chatterjea and Hui Wilcox, has submitted the book manuscript Meditation on Dream, an anthology of scholarly essays and poetic reflections on the social justice work of Ananya Dance Theatre. During the 2018-19 academic year, she will serve as an Inclusive Excellence Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the departments of Dance and Women’s and Gender Studies.